October 22, 2020

What You Need to Consider Before Having Breast Augmentation Surgery

While researching breast augmentation procedures, some candidates for the surgery are shocked by the number of factors they need to keep in mind when planning their surgery.

Here are some factors you should consider:


The right-sized implant is mostly dependent on the patient’s anatomy, and thus this is different for every patient! It is incredibly important that you find a plastic surgeon who specialises in breast augmentation and is skilled in understanding the complex interactions between a new implant and existing breast tissue.


Breast implants can be either round or teardrop. Both round and teardrop implants come with their own set of pros and cons. Teardrop breast implants provide a natural look for most women but they may also need a longer incision, and in some cases, they can look unnatural if they end up rotating within their breast pocket. Round breast implants are generally better suited for individuals who have shallower breasts on top who could greatly benefit from an enhanced upper pole fullness.


Round implants may come in smooth or textured shells. To minimise the risk of rotation, teardrop implants normally come with textured shells that help the scar tissue hold the implant in place. For primary augmentation, surgeons often use smooth implants which allow for a very natural feel.


Breast implants can be long-lasting with a very low associated risk of rupturing shells, however, they are not lifetime devices. Generally, modern implants will last for around ten years before they need to be replaced with new implants. Implants come in silicone shells with either silicone or saline gel filling. Saline implants were once the popular choice, but in recent years this has changed significantly due to silicone gel implants providing a much more natural contour and feel, along with a lower risk of wrinkling and rippling deformity.

Gummy implants are the type of silicone breast implants most people choose primarily because of the natural look and feel they can provide. Due to the fact that gummy implants can hold their shape well, there is a much lower chance of leakage, even in the event of a ruptured shell.

Saline implants can be inserted through a more extensive range of surgical techniques because they don’t need a very long incision. Silicone implants are pre-filled, and they require a relatively long incision to make an opening for the insertion. The chosen filling of your breast important is one of the most important steps to consider when having breast augmentation surgery; for more information visit http://www.drpeterlaniewski.com.au/.

Incision and insertion method

The surgical incision placements through which the implants are inserted depends on the patient characteristics and concerns as well as the type of implant to be used.

Four main locations might be considered for incision placement.

  • The periareolar incision that is made around the areola
  • The inframammary incision under the breast in its crease
  • The transaxillary incision in the armpit or axilla
  • The transumbilical incision or TransUmbilical Breast Augmentation made at the belly button