June 7, 2020

Various Symptoms to Identify Erectile Dysfunction

A single episode of erection may not be a thing to worry, however, repeated instances of erectile issues can be wreak havoc on your sexual life. You should visit a doctor and explain to him what you are experiencing. There are various treatment options available. However, your doctor will first find out the exact cause behind your erectile dysfunction. There can be an underlying medical condition or some other issue; an appropriate discussion will bring out a certain course of action for you. The various symptoms which often people experience will be discussed below –

  • Erectile dysfunction is a very common disorder in men, and its symptoms often vary from person to person. Certain people may experience the ability to sustain an erection for a shorter period while others might lack the complete ability to achieve an erection. Earliest visit to the doctor will help you achieve faster results.
  • The ability to have an adequate erection whenever you desire to have sex differs from person to person. Therefore, erectile dysfunction can be both short-term and long-term depending on the degree of the problem. A consistent problem of ED can eventually interfere with your relationship.
  • Some people experience an erection. However, the erection doesn’t last for long enough to complete your sex or at least enjoy it. Studies have shown that men who have crossed the age of 40 are at high risk of erectile dysfunction.
  • Stress, emotions, hormones, muscle tone, medications, and the nervous system are some of the factors which often lead to erectile dysfunction. If all these factors can be controlled, erectile dysfunction can be controlled and even reversed.
  • There are men who don’t get an erection at all in case of erectile dysfunction. This may often lead to distress, embarrassment, guilt, and other emotions. A mixture of emotional and physical factors contributes to erectile dysfunction. The health care providers have brought Tadacip medicine to deal with it.
  • There is a rare symptom where a person is suffering from ED experiences coronary artery disease (CAD). CAD often leads to additional risks of peripheral arterial disease and strokes.
  • Various other symptoms include delayed ejaculation, premature ejaculation, reduced sex drive, inability to eject at all, trauma to the pelvis, failure to get aroused after sufficient stimulation, dysfunction in the muscles of the pelvic floor, etc.

If you experience all these symptoms on a regular basis, it is high time you should consult a doctor. Your doctor will prescribe medications along with some lifestyle changes.