November 26, 2020

Try These Best Exercise for weight Loss to Get Instant results

Do you want to get fit and as well eagerly wanted to get your tummy flat? Then here are the best options for you which helps you to get rid of all the problems of weight gain. Have you ever tried doing planks? These are very helpful besides the results of the crunches and situps and so there are many people who are doing all these without fail. Keep your back healthy by doing the planks which are of great help. Shrink your waist and increase your isometric strength by doing the planks. There are different ways to change the plank workout and here you can get more insights from  which are in fact the best exercise for weight loss

Try the Forearm Plank:

This is the basic plank which everyone should do. Make sure that you are keeping the elbow right below your shoulders and keep your back so flat. Don’t take much pain and do this plank for just 20 seconds and you can check the difference for sure.

Different Posture for Arm and Leg Rise Plank:

Just get into the forearm plank and then raise one arm and the opposite leg. While doing this one should keep in mind to keep the elbows in line with the shoulder to get the desired results. There will not be any sort of stress developed in the body also.

One can even try the side plank where the oblique muscles will be working. Ensure that you keep your elbow to the side while doing this exercise besides this lift your hip and then hold. Most of them who wanted a single workout for the shoulders, back and abs are going with the dolphin plank. If you are looking for the more advanced planks, then one can do the sit the pot plank and this is done with the help of a ball.