October 22, 2020

Top Things Worth Knowing About Botox Injections For Wrinkles

As we age, the signs of aging – namely wrinkles and fine lines – become more evident. While aging cannot be stopped, you can certainly reduce the appearance of the signs. That’s where Botox comes in. For the uninitiated, Botox is actually a brand name, and you will also find other names like Dysport. Most of these injections contain a toxin that’s produced by Clostridium botulinum. Below are some of the other things worth knowing about Botox.

The basics of Botox

Botox basically blocks the signals that are triggered from the nerves to the muscles. The muscles that have been injected with Botox cannot contract anymore, and therefore, the lines and wrinkles will relax. The effects of Botox usually last for about four months or so, after which the wrinkles will reappear and must be treated. However, since the wrinkles are trained to relax, the overall appearance will reduce. Botox works best for the forehead lines and lines around the eyes. The process is also a simple one and doesn’t requires any local anesthesia. With the help of a fine needle, doctor will inject the Botox, which can be a little discomforting but doesn’t cause any pain. Doctors may advise you against certain drugs for about one to two weeks before the procedure.

Pros, cons and other aspects

Botox is not a permanent treatment for wrinkles, and the cost is not covered under insurance, which is something worth knowing. However, it remains one of the best ways to treat wrinkles, although Botox has a few limitations, as well. For example, it doesn’t work for wrinkles that are caused by sun damage. There are a few side effects like headache, bruising and eyelid dropping, which should subside pretty soon. Except for pregnant and nursing mothers, anyone can choose to go for Botox, unless recommended otherwise by the physician. Also, Botox is not an ideal choice for those who have neuro diseases.

If you are going for Botox, ask for a natural and easy look, and your doctor will adjust the dose accordingly. Find a clinic that you can rely on, and the doctor should be certified and experienced in such cosmetic procedures. You may also want to know if Botox is enough for your concerns, because in some cases, doctors can recommend dermal fillers, as well. Check online now and find a clinic where you can ask all questions related to wrinkle treatment with Botox.