June 5, 2020

Top 5 Hair Loss Myths

The hair transplant procedure is both prevalent and a permanent solution to the genetic hair loss or pattern baldness applied with the help of the extraction/harvesting techniques, either the FUT hair transplant or FUE. There are seas of rumors in the hair transplant world as it has more mass appeal to get back the original looks with full of hair and beauty. So, the myths are known to spread more easily than facts and it is important to spread facts from myths to know the actual benefits of the procedure.

The procedure of hair transplants restores the natural hair back and weighs a handsome hair transplant cost in general. But, in India, the cost of the procedure is just about one-fourth of the cost applicable in the other Western World Countries like Europe, America, Australia or Dubai.

The Top 5 Myths prevalent in the Hair Transplant World are as follows:

  1. Genes for Pattern Hair Loss come only from the Maternal side:

This is one of the topmost myths in the hair transplant that the pattern hair loss comes only from the maternal side.


Although the inheritance of character from the maternal side is very strong, the Androgenic alopecia or genetic hair loss can be inherited from both the maternal as well as the paternal side of the family. So, the hair loss is transmitted from one generation to the next and either parent is responsible for the same.

  1. Men who are Bald have a High level of Testosterone:

This myth falls into the category of size and shape of the men hand & feet, which has no logical meaning in the hair loss context. The causes of genetic hair loss are other than the testosterone level as every man has this hormone, which is responsible for the male sex characteristics. Therefore, saying so is not relevant because every man doesn’t go bald.


The elevated Testosterone hormone level has no relation with genetic hair loss and the cause behind the same is the hair follicle’s sensitivity to the DHT hormone in some parts of the scalp. The sensitive hair follicles influenced by the DHT (Di- Hydro Testosterone) and show the effect of miniaturization and a case of severe hair loss, which is genetically defined.

  1. A Large amount of Hair Fall means It is Genetic one:

Some people believe that a severe hail fall is a sign of genetic hair loss, but it is not true. Some chronic diseases, therapy, medications or medical condition can also cause a large amount of hair fall out, which need to be properly understood.


The sign and symptoms of genetic hair loss include the gradual hair thinning being replaced by the finer and thinner hairs, which is also known as a process of miniaturization.

  1. The Clogged pores cause the Hair loss:

This is obviously not the case of baldness. The clogged pores cause the growth of acne, not the hair loss or baldness.


The hair loss problem has no relation with the clogged pores. Yet it is better to use a detergent-free shampoo if you are suffering from oily hair condition, daily to keep your hair healthy & stronger.

  1. Hair Loss stops when You Get Older:

It is not correct. Once you started to lose your hair, it tends to progress over time with your age and year. It doesn’t stop because the genetic hair loss is an ongoing process. It increases over time to attain the advanced state of the NW class of baldness.


The rate of hair loss is difficult to find or speculate. It is a most obvious fact that the earlier you experience the hair loss, the more likely you are becoming to very bald.


Summarizing all, we can say that the hair transplant procedure is a good and advanced R&D topic that you must go through if you are planning for a restoration procedure.