June 7, 2020

Reasons Why A Good Moisturiser Will Help With Your Acne

Historically, we were always told as teenagers that if you had acne, then the best way to get rid of it was to dry up the skin, as oil was the enemy. When we look at our faces, we see, that blackheads and whiteheads all build up, and form due to oil being trapped in our facial pores. When you eventually pick at your spots, which you will, you will see the insides seeping out and so it seems logical, that if you dry up the skin, then there will be no oozing. Our parents told us to get out in the sun more to address these issues and it does work, but specific kinds of sunlight hold the secret.

Rays Of Sunshine.

It is the blue rays and red rays of sunlight that help you in the fight against your acne problems, as it is the blue light that kills the bacteria and the red light that gets right into the pore, to make a real difference. However, experience tells us that if we stay in the sun too long, then we are going to experience some sunburn and this causes spots or blemishes on our skin, where the acne used to be.

Extra Moisture.

In the past, we used alcohol or rubbing alcohol, to help dry up our skin and it worked. It definitely did dry up the skin, but it was found that alcohol also caused the skin to get irritated, and this irritation cased the body to release histamine, which goes on to irritate the skin even more. The glands then released more oil to combat the effects of this, and we were back where we started. This is when we need to choose moisturiser for oily acne prone skin because it is the extra moisture in the skin, that helps get rid of the oil, and it is this very oil that is causing blocked pores and thus acne.

Many Benefits.

The best moisturisers, are made up of oil in water or water in oil, and just because you have oily skin, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need more moisture. Different parts of our bodies need different amounts of moisture, and so we need a moisturiser that can protect all parts. If you don’t use a moisturiser for the skin, then you may end up with more wrinkles later, and it will highlight the small wrinkles that you already have. Remember, drying your skin will actually make your acne worst than it already is, and it will also make your skin very itchy. This can all be addressed with a little application of moisturiser.

Keep It Under Control.

It is all about finding some kind of balance when you are trying to take care of your skin, and you should always look for a water based moisturiser that is especially made for already oily or skin prone to acne. Look for a moisturiser with some benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, that has been tried and tested and known to work to keep your acne under control.

Being a teenager is a difficult time in your life, without having to deal with other issues like acne. Get yourself a good moisturiser and address those issues now.