November 26, 2020

Laser Acne Scar Removal: 5 Types Procedures to Expect

Acne destroys the beauty of the face. When it heals, it leaves behind scars that do nothing to improve your appearance. Fortunately, dermatologists are working round the clock in pursuit of effective ways of getting rid of the scars. Among the most recent innovations are laser acne scar removal techniques, which essentially entail replacing one acne scar with a less-noticeable one. As a guide, here are the most common types of laser acne scar removal procedures that your doctor may recommend: 

  1. Fractional Laser Resurfacing

This is one of the best options for removal of acne scars as focuses only on the affected area. This means that the other parts of the skin are left intact. Additionally, the laser gets into the deepest areas of the skin. It is, therefore, perfect for big scars which run deep. It also associated with less recovery time due to its ability to concentrate on the scars alone.

  1. Ablative Laser Treatment

Ablative laser treatment entails elimination of damaged skin cells as well as the skin’s outer layer. The technique is ideal for removal of scars, wrinkles, and warts. The depth of the scars may determine the kind of ablative laser resurfacing you will get. If the scars are just at the surface of the skin, you most probably will be treated by use of an erbium laser. If they run deep, the best option is the use of carbon dioxide laser.

  1. Non-ablative Laser Resurfacing

This method involves penetration of infrared lasers into the skin. It works by stimulating the natural production of collagen. In addition, it encourages the replacement of damaged cells of the skin with new ones.

  1. Deep FX and Active FX Laser Resurfacing

As the name suggests, deep FX is most suitable for deep and big scars. On the other hand, active FX is ideal for treatment of scars that occurs only at the surface of the skin. The advantages of deep FX laser treatment lie in the fact that it does not affect the skin’s top layer – the epidermis. It removes the scars while helping create firmer and smoother skin.

  1. V-Beam Laser Treatment

Also known as Pulsed Dye Laser (or PDL), this method has high accuracy in removal of acne scars. It is especially incredibly successful when the scars comes with the common redness that is a result of enlarged blood cells. By attacking the cells through heat, the topmost skin layer is eroded after it is denied oxygen and nutrients. In the end, a new layer free of the scar is formed.

Final Remarks

One of the main benefits of elimination of acne scars through laser treatment is the long-lasting results that you get in the end. However, the scars are not likely to go away overnight. You need be patient. In addition, you should seek your doctor’s advice on caring for your skin after undergoing any laser acne scar removal procedure. Apart from protection of the treated skin from sun rays, the doctor will advice you on ways of reducing swelling, the right medications to counter side effects, and the steps you should take to ensure faster recovery time.