June 4, 2020

How To Make Your Holiday In Sherbrooke Special

Sherbrooke is one of the popular places that has been a delight for thousands of tourists every year. This place is the cultural, economic, and institutional center of Canada. Sherbrooke got its name from the ‘Queen of the Eastern Townships.’ You will be spellbound looking at the spectacular natural beauty and captivating sceneries that surrounds this place.

Indulge in adventures in Mont Bellevue Park

Sherbrooke is a popular city located in southern Quebec, Canada. If you are a lover of adventure sports, then this place gives you an opportunity to immerse yourself in some popular thrilling sports such as hiking, snowshoeing, mountain biking, or cross-country skiing. This park is best to be visited at the time of spring, winter, fall, or summer season. If you like hiking and wildlife, then spring or autumn will be a perfect time.

Visit art galleries, museums and exhibitions

Sherbrooke is the best place for art lovers. There are several ancient museums in Sherbrooke that represent prominent, authentic and permanent artwork collection by some of the renowned artists. You will be dazzled and impressed looking at their creativity and imaginative skills.

Get a spa treatment

If you like getting spa treatment, then you will find an exclusive range of classic spa centers to provide an advanced level spa treatment. Undergoing a spa treatment in Montreal is the safest, easiest and affordable therapy to get rid of pain and stress. The best part of this therapy is that there are no side effects.

Enhance your knowledge in science and nature

If you want to spend your vacation by learning new things about science and nature, then visit Sherbrooke Nature and Science Museum. The distinctive feature of this museum is that it has got more than 65,000 objects and samples to display the diverse range of fauna and flora of the area. Animal and plant fossils, scientific instruments, minerals, and animal specimens are displayed inside the museum. One can also see archaeological artifacts at this place.

Have tea

Tea is one of the special beverages served at this place. It tastes magical. I am sure you won’t have enjoyed the authentic and rich flavor of tea leaves that are cultivated in the gardens anywhere else. Different types of tea are grown at this place. Along with tea Devonshire style cream, scones, pastries, sandwiches and home-made strawberry jam are other specialties of this place.


Surrounded by lakes, mountains, and rivers, Sherbrooke is a retreat for nature lovers. With plenty of activities for people of all ages, you would definitely cherish every moment spent at this place.