June 5, 2020

How to Maintain an Electronic Cigarette

Maintaining your vaping device is important for longevity and to ensure the item works correctly. Electronic cigarettes aren’t difficult to service once you take some time to understand each component of the device, they are all made of the same key sections. You should do your best to keep your device as clean as possible to guarantee it continues to operate accordingly.


Before you start to clean your device, it is important to understand its anatomy. The most commonly sold product is a pen styled e cig, it is manufactured using three key components.

Cartridge / Tank – This is where you’ll store your e liquid, once your e liquid runs out, you’ll refill the tank with another flavour. This component of your e cig usually comes with an atomizer attached, the atomizer is what heats the liquid causing vapor to appear.

Coil – The coil heats the liquid inside the tank producing vapor, this is what the user inhales.

Battery – This is the power source of the device, it powers the atomizer and heats up the coils. Some devices also have temperature control options depending on which e cigarette suppliers you order from.

A box mod is similar to a pen, but the battery isn’t a separate component, it is generally found within the main compartment. Vapers tend to purchase box mods because they contain more powerful batteries and you get a stronger hit.


Every time you change your tank and add a new flavour, you should give it a thorough clean. The main reason for this is so you don’t mix e liquids, there will be some residue from your previous flavours that you’ll want to avoid having in your new one. The best way of doing this is to clean the tank before each refill. It is important to maintain your device and service it at least once a week.

If you find that your device isn’t performing correctly, or you aren’t satisfied with it, you should first give it a proper clean. If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to have it looked at by a skilled vaper.

  • Use Alcohol

There are times when it will be necessary to clean your tank using alcohol and not just water. When you spend money on a new e liquid you want to fully enjoy the flavour without getting the taste of yesterday’s coffee or black chocolate. To eliminate having a mix of the two brands, it is important to give the tank a thorough clean with alcohol.

  • Coils

The easiest thing to do when it comes to maintaining coils is to just replace them. They are one of the most important parts of your device and they aren’t easy to clean. Moreover, cleaning won’t do anything to improve their performance.

Maintaining your electronic cigarette is important for various reasons, it ensures you continue to enjoy your vaping experience and it improves your devices longevity. For the best results, you should clean your device at least once a week using lukewarm water. When it needs a more thorough clean, opt for alcohol.