June 7, 2020

How does Flat Feet Contribute to Plantar Fasciitis?

 Several people across the world may be suffering from chronic heel pain. The condition could be extremely hard to bear, especially in the morning or after long sitting hours. In case, you were unaware, the most common cause of heel pain would be plantar fasciitis. It would be best described as a condition that would affect the people, especially after a specific age or the people suffering from specific condition of being flat feet.

What is plantar fascia?

It would be best described as a band of tissue stretching from the toes to the heel bone. When the tissue becomes inflamed, heel pain would appear. In most cases, it could become a severe health issue to be rectified surgically. The unusual stretching of planter fascia would usually be the cause for heel pain and flat feet could aggravate the pain.

When do you feel the pain?

You would be feeling the pain in the heels after long duration of rest. Usually, people experience pain in the heel after sitting for long hours or during the first initial steps taken in the morning. However, the treatment has been made readily available. It would consist of medication, orthotics, homemade remedies and surgery, recommended in extreme cases. Nonetheless, with proper care, plantar fasciitis could be corrected to seek relieve from excruciating pain.

Symptoms of plantar fasciitis

It would be pertinent to understand the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. It should not be mistaken for other conditions. Pain in the heel would be an important symptom. Most people would experience it, as soon as they get out of bed. Similar pain could be experienced when you change the weight of your feet to seek support. While you may feel less stiff or numb, as you take a couple of steps, you would start to notice pain in the heel stretching for the entire day, despite walking continuously. Not necessarily, plantar fasciitis would be the source to your pain in feet. Therefore, you should get the feet diagnosed by visiting the podiatre faciite plantaire. They would give you proper advice.

How does flat feet and heel pain connect?

Specialists are of the opinion that flat feet could enhance plantar fasciitis resulting in heel pain, even in young people. The plantar fascia would stretch every time you plant your feet on hard surface causing tissue tear at micro level. Most people may not notice it, but stepping out of bed after adequate rest, plantar fascia would stretch again causing tearing of the tissues. Flat feet could cause enhanced tissue tear, as plantar fascia stretches more.