July 2, 2020

For Healthy Liver Functioning Avoid Lifestyle Damaging Habits

Liver keeps your body functioning toxic free, but some daily habits can damage it beyond repair. Everything you drink or eat has to pass the liver, so if your lifestyle is bad then fats and toxins get accumulated causing fatty liver disease. Ultimately, the liver fails, but if you are careful from this moment the progress of liver damage can be reversed.

Lifestyle damaging habits to avoid

Excessive alcohol

Alcohol consumption in excess amount damages liver. Alcohol destroys healthy liver cells, breaks chemical balance, and leads to cirrhosis. It is fine to drink small amount, but having 3 glasses of alcohol daily can trigger liver cancer.

Drug overuse

Liver breaks down substances, which you ingest through the mouth including supplements, herbs, and medicines. Excessive consumption can damage liver slowly and cause liver failure.


Cigarette smoke indirectly affects the organ. Cigarette smoke includes toxic chemicals, which reach the liver slowly causing oxidative stress and produces free radicals, which damage liver cells.

Sleep deprivation

Detoxification starts, when the body goes to sleep deeply, which is at midnight. Breaking the natural sleep cycle cannot be helpful in proper detoxification. Your liver needs early bed routine because your body is designed in this way. Going to bed soon can be hard due to social obligations, family or work but your benefit from lifestyle change.

Poor nutrition & obesity

Poor eating habits slowly cause liver damage. Foods loaded in cholesterol like egg yolk, junk food, red meat, and salty snacks gets synthesized into cholesterol by the liver, before it gets used as energy. Liver gets damaged because it has to work hard dealing with excess. Eat high fibre foods, whole grains, and vegetables to protect liver.

Withholding urge to urinate

Going to the washroom is necessary to remove waste build up inside the body. Withholding an urge to urinate can stress your kidney and liver. Urinating allows the body to eliminate toxins from bowel and bladder.

Skipping breakfast

Blood sugar levels are low in the morning. Low sugar levels indicate that your liver has less energy and strength. Never skip breakfast because it gives the body a kick start to function.

Take professional help

Digestive & liver disease consultants are professionals that efficiently treat acute and chronic liver conditions. The different kinds of liver disorders, which disallow it to function properly, are –

  • Hepatitis A, B, C
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Epstein Barr virus
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Hemochromatosis [iron overload]

Some liver damages can be reversed with early detection, while some liver failure need transplant.