June 4, 2020

Effect of exercise on hair

Exercise is one of the Important Key for Our internal health. After doing exercise, through sweat, toxins and waste substances are flushed out from the skin pores and giving us a fresh and radiant skin. Same, when it sweats from our scalp, it helps to unclog the hair follicles and provides enough space for the new hair to grow.

Regular Exercising also increases blood flow to our scalp. This flow brings with it more nutrients & oxygen which provides nourishment to the hair roots and thereby keeping healthy hair growth. However, the advantage of exercise is not limited to the head area but also benefits your whole body. Along with regular exercise, you should also take good care of your hair with the proper hair care products.

Doing exercise every day also helps to Regeneration of cells. Our hair is mostly made up of proteins, daily exercising slower the breakdown of proteins when we sleep. It ensures we sleep better, leading to better cell renewal and, of course, improved hair.

In today’s life stress is become part of daily living. Whenever you feel stressed, your body starts to produce stress hormones (cortisone) that affect the whole body, including the hair follicles. This stress hormone causes hair follicles to stop hair growth, which can result in hair loss. Doing Exercise increases the serotonin levels (the happiness hormone) in the body which can promote hair growth and keeps you glowing.

Now the question is – what exercises are the most beneficial for healthy hair?

For your healthy body and hair, cardio workout in form of brisk walking, cycling, running, dance, Zumba, yoga, or any sport is good. You can also consider buying a treadmill or cross trainer if you prefer working out at home.

Apparently, “Pranayam” (breathing exercise ) and inversion yoga postures like “Sirsasana”( headstand ), “Sarvangasana”( shoulder stand), “Halasana”( plow pose), “AdhomukhaSvanasana”( downward facing dog stretch), “Padangusthasana”( Big Toe Pose), “Uttanasana”( forward stretch), and “Surya Namaskar”( sun salutation) are considered to be very beneficial for healthy hair growth. Supplying essential ingredients for hair growth, the inversions pose work by increasing blood flow to your head and scalp area. These postures also improve hair fall control, concentration, increase vitality, calm nerves, and help aid digestion.

The effects of exercise are not just limited to hair, it makes you feel energized strong and happy.

Exercises should be an integral part of our lives and there are several research made that shows the numerous benefits of working out daily and these benefits also include the improvement of the hair quality.