October 22, 2020

Create an Attractive Marijuana Dispensary Menu for Your Business

The key to having consistent sales in a marijuana dispensary might not only lie within your products but how you display your product menu. Giving your customers an attractive list of updated marijuana products that you sell is a must-have to help you acquire new clients, leverage your sales, and to ensure repeat customers.

There are several reasons why people charge thousands of dollars to create product listings in some e-commerce websitesor hire services like copywriting, and design practices to enhance the bottom line.

There are three ways that you can make to guarantee the success of your menu for your Marijuana Dispensary in California. See them below:

Product Descriptions

Your brand makes your store unique against competitors, and your menu serves as your brand extension. Your product menu may serve as a bridge to communicate virtually to your customers. That’s why many businesses use this opportunity to show off the products they produced.

Your menu should consist of a simple yet straightforward description of each strain in your dispensary to assist customers in understanding what products they are buying. Yes, they may be some occasional customer that needs your help, but having a menu that displays all the necessary information can boost sales and the overall customer experience.

Besides, new customers in marijuana dispensaries often face anxiety due to the wide variety of options. You can assist them to ease their feelings by giving a detailed description of your product offerings so they will feel more comfortable and well-informed when they choose to speak with a budtender.

Providing the different types of cannabis, such as Indica, hybrid, and Sativa, as well as some specific strain in THC percentage level, is also essential. Because a business owner that truly cares about their customers, you only want the best for them. You want your customers to know the products you currently have and what could be the marijuana products that will be appropriate for them.

Categories in Your Marijuana Dispensary Menu

Of course, no one would love to go into a store with poorly displayed, hard to read, and unorganized products on the menu. Having this kind of menu in your store will only result in a customer’s confusion and fewer sales.

Separating and organizing your products in your menu depending on your preferences can either ruin or help your sales, so ensure to make it readable and easy to understand. You may organize your marijuana products per category (if you have any); that way, you can help your customers to browse at ease. Also, classes should be divided into sections for topical, edibles, concentrates, and flowers, as well as the pricing for each marijuana product. Moreover, if you can barely make a sensible menu for your store, your customers won’t waste their time either.

An excellent way to make it easier to read is by utilizing different colors and simple icons to differentiate several types of information. You can try making all the Sativa strains to a shade of green, Indica strains to color blue, for example. Alternatively, colors are used to create a difference between several varieties of products, and icons are used to differentiate strains.

You can experiment with different color combinations, icons, and product categories to know the best and perfect design for you.

Digital Menus, Signage, and Virtual Internet Menu

In today’s modern era, where everything is available in the digital world, many businesses also adapt to these changes. For marijuana dispensary businesses, it is also necessary to adjust and try what the technology can offer. Moreover, a dispensary that ignores the capability of technology is often left behind.

Many businesses are changing their traditional way of marketing into a new and effective one. These days, most people around the world use their mobile phones to browse everything. They use it to find a good restaurant, to locate perfect getaway tours, and many more.

For marijuana dispensaries, you’re probably aware that not all states in the US have legalized the usage of marijuana, regardless of its purposes. So with the help of the internet, on your website, you can create your own virtual menu that will display all of your product information and description for the convenience of your audience. Also, you can state on your site where they can get these products and what requirements should they follow to make a purchase.

For your physical stores, you can create digital signage that can lessen the use of a messy whiteboard or verbally list them out when presenting your products to the customers. You can also install HDTV’s in your waiting room to integrate your dispensary POS, which can enhance not only the appearance of your brand but can also help to lessen your effort.

You don’t need to use any handwriting menu on your whiteboard just to display your product before opening. All you need to do is to edit your digital menu; if you want to insert a new product, then it will automatically be updated from the screen.

Moreover, the digital menu enables the customer to browse through each product you sell, as well as a display with current promotions and deals for that day. You can also use this digital menu to place an advertisement with a goal of boosting sales and triggers impulse buying.