June 4, 2020

Centrophenoxine reviews and side effects

The drug Centrophenoxine which is prescribed to the patient who has a varying degree of Alzheimer’s disease or stroke. In many countries, one can obtain the drug without any prescription. The main usage of the drug is to enhance the cognitive senses, learning ability, boosting memory, fluid intelligence, maintaining the liquid flow in the brain, concentration. If anyone is willing to check the response people have got after using the drug he or she will get only positive Centrophenoxine review.

Centrophenoxine is a safer option for all nootropic users. It is known for its anti-ageing supplement which is highly capable of removing toxins from the cells and halting or to be specifically reversing the cellular damages which are caused due to age.

The drug is a great source of choline and works exceptionally well, there are other supplements which put a high demand for choline supply on the brain.

Some negative effects of Centrophenoxine:

If the drug is taken in the right dosage, the levels of toxicity of Centrophenoxine are almost negligible in comparison to nootropic supplements. This makes the drug safest among many in the pharmaceutical market. Now the question is if it is so safe, how can someone have Centrophenoxine side effects? The drug contains a chemical compound DMAE or scientifically called as DiMethyl-AminoEthanol which is, however, a safe compound but comes with some side effects which are mild and occurs only when the consumption is in excess.

The drug can increase the cognitive senses of an individual and for the same reason, people use the drug in nootropic form of DMAE. In proper dosage, there is very less or no known side effects. If we compare both DMAE and Centrophenoxine there is a little different with DMAE being the subset of Centrophenoxine.

increase cognitive senses

In simple term, it means Centrophenoxine has inherited chemical properties from DMAE and works in a similar manner. Everything taken in excess cause’s side effects and the same goes of high dosage of intake of Centrophenoxine drug which includes jaw clenching, headache, nausea and dizziness as its side effects. In case of any discomfort, it is highly advised to look for a help from physicians.

There is no dosage recommendation for pregnant women but they are not advised to take these sort of drugs. Even if women willing to have a baby soon are suggested to not use the drug.