June 7, 2020

Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy

Are you tired of all the pills and exercises that don’t seem to do anything for your pain? Are you looking for something natural that might cure your aliments? If you are looking to get into natural and holistic means of healing then read on and be informed. There is a better way to heal yourself without taking the typical route of prescription medications. If you are searching for natural ways of healing than cold laser therapy may be just what you were searching for. Don’t let the name fool you. Cold laser therapy is not actually a laser but a low-level light. According to a health article, cold laser therapy uses extremely low levels of light to stimulate your body’s natural healing mechanisms. Now, doesn’t this sound better than taking prescription medications? The difference between cold laser therapy and those lasers used in surgery is that cold lasers do not cause your tissue to heat up. Therefore, the risk of damaging your skin is minimal to non-existent. This is why this form of therapy is often referred to as low-level laser therapy, soft laser, or low-power laser therapy. Now that you know what cold laser therapy is, the next question is, what is it used for? What types of aliments does cold laser therapy work to correct? Some of the conditions that can be treated with cold laser therapy include: back pain, sprains, arthritis, tendinitis, diabetic neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, leg ulcers, and even fibromyalgia. This method has been approved by the FDA and is painless with no serious side effects.

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