April 24, 2019

Guide on Using Ketamine to Treat Depression

Ketamine is the new anesthetic drug that doctors now use to treat people with depression. Ketamine drip for depression is categorized as a class III scheduled drug and can be safely used in hospital. Ketamine is not dangerous when taken in high dose. High dosage does not cause any side effect on the respiratory function.

On the contrary, it can alter your perception of senses and put your mind into hypnotic state when it is taken in low dose. The negative side effects that this drug can produce is the reason why it is being circulated around the night clubs as a hallucigenic drug.

This is not to say that the drug is bad. If the drug is used under medical supervision, it can totally change the life of a person who suffer from depression. Ketamine can be a miracle to people who do not react well to traditional depression medicine. Another problem is that antidepressant usually don’t show effect until after 4 – 8 weeks.

Ketamine works on the brain receptors to ease the depression state instead of shifting the neurotransmitter hormone balance. It will proceed in blocking NMDA receptor that is responsible for causing depression. The blocking of the NMDA receptor will also change how the brain cells communicate so that other receptors like opiate receptors are also affected.

Ketamine shows faster result within minutes because it works directly on the receptor. In a research, participants who lost interest in taking part in daily activities attest that they feel better within 40 minutes of the infusion. The fast result makes ketamine a life saver for people who have suicidal thoughts.

Ketamine can remove the suicidal thoughts from the patient within 24 hours without causing permanent side effects like memory loss as other depression treatments. It is not completely without side effects but the side effects it produce are not serious. You should never administer ketamine on your own although it can effectively overcome a major depression disorder. Instead, you should seek the advice of your doctor if you are interested in the treatment.

Your doctor can refer you to a reputable clinic that specializes in offering ketamine treatment for depression. When consulting with your doctor, make sure to inform him about the medications that you are currently taking. The doctor may advise you on whether your medication will interact with ketamine and modify your dosage accordingly.

The primary method for administering ketamine is via IV infusion. Each IV session will last for 45 minutes. You should get someone to come along with you to the clinic when you are attending the infusion session. In this way, your friend will be able to drive you home after the ketamine infusion session. The infusion session will cause mild side effects like dizziness but they will eventually subside within a few hours.

The number of ketamine treatments your body will need depend on factors like how your body respond to the treatment, and the type of depression. Ketamine infusion is not a one-time thing but it requires repeated administration in order to be effective, To reap the maximum effect, doctors usually recommend participating in 6 infusions that spread out over a period of 3 weeks.