July 22, 2019

Can Cannabis Make You Think in Different Ways?

You will be quite surprised to hear that cannabis has recently been touted as a way to spark creativity and encourage people to “think outside the box”. Cannabis, according to UK based Notts University, said that cannabis can act as a key to help unlock a person’s mind to spark new areas of interest and thought.

The effect entirely depends on what cannabis strains you decide to use. Each strain can produce a different effect on different people, so if you are looking to take this idea to the next level, we would recommend you experiment to see which strain works for you. Here are strains that have been particularly effective for us.

Kali Mist

Kali Mist is not a widely known strain, but this Sativa is able to produce a unique euphoric effect which is able to spark creativity for many people. The strain seems to awaken the user’s imagination, as well as increasing motivation. Musicians are particular fans of this strain. It is also suitable for people who need clarity of thought to explore new and interesting ideas.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a further strain to consider. It is my own personal favorite, and it was able to be the key for my mind to unlock my full potential. The taste is quite interesting, and the pine aromatics are particularly pleasing. I found that the strain propelled me into a focussed, yet relaxed frame of mind. If you are looking for a strain that keeps your mind “level”, this is it the strain for you.


Chemdawg is perfect if you are looking for a more potent strain. It is only recommended that you use this strain if you have used similar strong psychoactive strains in the past. The strain acted like a rocket on our thought process and the high can be quite dizzying at times, but this quickly settles. To minimize the chances of a “dizzying high”, try a low dose at first. There can be a sleepiness feeling that creeps in for some, as well as a “zoned out” effect, but this doesn’t happen to everyone.

Have you used a strain that is particularly effective? Be sure to let us know!

Here are more strains that can be used to help you get creative https://cannabis.net/blog/smoke/5-strains-that-get-you-super-creative.