April 24, 2019

5 best pain relief measures for athletes

We present pain relief methods for athletes, from using pain relief spray to having a healthy diet.

Athletes perform at the highest levels of their fitness, but the journey to success is paved with endless sweat and tears. Injuries are par for the course for any serious athlete, and these must be dealt with swiftly before they derail your training plans.

We list 5 best pain relief methods for athletes to use daily. This list is not meant to substitute medical advice, so proceed ahead with your doctor’s counsel:

1 Use a pain relief spray every day. Pain relief spray is every athlete’s best friend. Keep a can of the best pain relief spray in your training bag, and use it every day after your training session or workout. The best pain relief sprays use a combination of painkilling ingredients like wintergreen oil, eucalyptus oil, turpentine oil and mint extract to reach the source of the pain and heal it quickly. You can buy pain relief spray and apply it directly on the painful muscle or joint. Do not rub, let the liquid soak into the skin.

2 Take a painkiller under supervision.  Athletes sometimes encounter painful injuries like ligament tears or bone misalignment. These take a longer time to heal, and they are quite painful as well. You can consult a senior sports physiotherapist or doctor for a course of painkiller tablets. These often contain compounds of aspirin and ibuprofen. However, be careful about taking painkillers for a long time, and if you are already on another kind of medication.

3 Stretch at every opportunity. Regular activity keeps your painful muscles from atrophying, and the joints from seizing up. As an athlete, you undergo extended periods of exercise and training. Your muscles and joints are under constant pressure to perform at the highest levels. You can strengthen your muscles and tendons by stretching often during the day, and applying a pain relief spray when the pain becomes too much to bear.

4 Have a healthy diet.The best way to have a healthy body is to have a healthy diet. Athletes must be extremely careful about what they consume daily – the more nutritious the diet, the faster the body can heal and repair itself. Get your fix of green vegetables, raw fruit and fresh fruit juices, home cooked food prepared using less salt and oil, and stay away from processed sugar, refined flour and other food items with additives.

5 Ease up – rest is important. Any sportsperson will tell you about the importance of recuperation after a gruelling week of training. The muscles experience micro tears and the joints are in constant motion when you exercise. All of this activity must be counteracted with adequate periods of rest and recuperation. Apply a pain relief spray and go to sleep as early as you can so that you get 8 hours of good quality sleep every night.